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Our Synergy Supply Chain Services

Transform the Way You Trade

Our medical supply chain was founded on three main principles - innovation, trade, and impact - and we pride ourselves on our commitment to these principles each day. We can provide customized solutions for your trade or if you need help finding a product or solution you can use ours.

Exclusive Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

Our products in our house of brands have been  risk mitigated and preapproved with the original manufacturers and our trade finance services.

Import and Export Funding

Leverage your cash flow with our line of credit and relationship with top tier banks worldwide. Our partners offer a variety of financial products like letters of credits, insurance bonds, invoice factoring and escrow to name a few.

Logistics Solutions

Our logistics team is comprised of over 30 years of experience in the ocean and air cargo industry.  Our logistics services come with transparency and efficiency.  You can use our logisitics solution as a solution to your preexisting transaction or as a complimentary service to our products.

Innovative Medical Technology

Enjoy the fruit from our investments in Medical Startups in Israel and the USA. If you are an innovator trying to reach a specific market, Medcorp Global will help you get there. Our medical expertise allows us to bring life saving and life changing biotechnologies and innovation to our healthcare supply chain.

Secure Blockchain Trading Platform - Inquire on how to become a member.

Learn more about Medcorp's  collaborative commerce trading by placing an inquiry.  You may access our trading forum and supply chain services after becoming a member or simply receive consulting or procurement services. No matter what Medcorp Global is your team for successful trading with transparency, timeliness, and trust. Inquire on how we can optimize your healthcare supply chain?

Charity & Donation

Medcorp Global seeks to enrich healthcare supply chains to areas that are in need. If you are a non profit or a non government organization in need of medical supplies or innovation, please contact us to see how we can help to provide a stronger healthcare supply chain to your community.

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